Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I need medical experience to take the CPC Prep Course?"

No, but it would certainly help.  The program is fast paced and we recommend medical terminology and anatomy & physiology.  For this reason, we are offering a 10 week CPC Prep Course.  The first two weeks are devoted to the said topics.


"Should I take a home study, on-line or classroom course?"

Everyone is different.  Home study and on-line courses lack the focus and structure of a classroom setting.  Face to face interaction is immediate and enables instructors to employ teaching techniques to assist students grasp difficult concepts. Home study, however, has the convenience of flexible time for the student.


"Will taking the CPC Preparation Course guarantee that I pass the CPC Exam?"

The course will increase your chances tremendously and more importantly, raise your skill level in medical coding.


"What are my chances of getting a job? And what is the average salary?"

Healthcare remains a strong industry during these tough economic times.  A highly recognized national certification such as "CPC" gives an applicant an advantage. Like any industry, an employer may want experienced applicants.  AAPC offers an externship program as well as networking opportunities in local chapters all over the country. The Monmouth-Ocean Chapter meets every month in Jersey Shore University Hospital, Neptune, NJ., for salary studies:


"Do I need computer knowledge and a computer at home to take this class?"

No.  Computer and software knowledge are tools used for coding billing. They will increase your chances of employment; however, they are not needed to learn coding.


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